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Import data from other Productsup sites

Receive export data from other Productsup sites.


Productsup lets you import data from another Productsup site using several options. For example, you could import data from a workaround site or Productsup aggregated data.

Import an export file

You can import a file you have set up for export in various formats, such as CSV, XML, and JSON.

For information about how to export product feeds, see Export data feeds.

Import from the Export to Data Source import channel

If you have chosen to create an Export to Data Source bucket, you can then import this data source using the following information:

  1. Go to Data Sources from your site's main menu, and select ADD DATA SOURCE. Then choose Export to Data Source and select Add.

  2. (Optional) Give your data source a custom name. This custom name replaces the name of the data source on the Data Sources Overview page. Then, select Continue.

  3. Select the relevant bucket from the drop-down list. If you don't see a list of existing buckets and haven't set one up in Exports, see Set up a bucket destination.

  4. If you want to import skipped products, switch Allow skipped rows to On.

    • When creating the bucket, ensure you switch this option to On in the relevant export(s).

  5. If you don't want to import data from deleted sites, which you use to export data to the bucket, switch Clear invalid sites to On.

  6. To remove all system columns, switch Remove Passthru Columns to On.

  7. Select Save.