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Import orders from Amazon via the Seller Partner API

Import orders from Amazon using the Amazon Orders (SP-API) in Productsup.


Amazon has replaced Amazon MWS API with the Selling Partner API (SP-API). To learn more, see You can now use the Amazon Orders (SP-API) as a data source in the Productsup platform.


  1. Go to Data Sources from the site's main menu, then select ADD DATA SOURCE. Next, add Amazon Orders (SP-API).

    Add Amazon Orders (SP-API) data source in Productsup
  2. To import your orders from Amazon, select Authentication and choose the authentication method you previously set up in Authentication from the main menu. If you have not set up an authentication method, perform the following steps:

    1. On the account, project, or site level, go to Authentication from the main menu and select ADD AUTHENTICATION.

    2. Select the system you want to authenticate under Type. You can optionally give your authentication method a name.

    3. Select Next.

    4. If applicable, select Region and choose your marketplace locale.


      Before proceeding, the platform next directs you to an external platform to finalize your authentication method. After successfully completing the authentication setup, you receive a confirmation message.

    5. Select Connect to continue.


    You can also use a previously established authentication using the Amazon ASIN Fetch (SP API) data service as well.

  3. Choose the location of the marketplace in Marketplace ID.

  4. Next, select the period you want to import the orders for in Orders Created After.

  5. You can optionally enter a custom description for the data source in Description (optional).

  6. Select Save, and the following manual or scheduled import pulls the data to your site.