Import products from Icecat

Import products from Icecat in Productsup.


To use this data source, you need an Icecat account. For more information, visit Icecat.

You may wish to directly import your products from Icecat. This could, for example, help you gain additional product information from the Icecat catalog in order to enrich your feed.

In order to import information from Icecat, you should:

  1. Navigate to your site

  2. Navigate to Data Sources

  3. Select Add on the data source

  4. Add the IceCat data source

  5. Give your data source a specialized name (if desired)

    • This replaces the name of the data source option on the data sources overview page

  6. Click Continue

  7. Enter your Username and Password

  8. Set supplier IDs (comma separated) for the relevant suppliers you wish to download product information from

  9. Add the categories you wish to download product information from

  10. Add the link to the Icecat index file where you are downloading product information from

  11. Select your language from the drop-down menu

  12. Add a time filter under the filter products from (if desired)

    • This allows you to only download products that have been added to the catalog in this time frame

  13. Add a description (if desired)

    • This is another chance to add a specialized name, see step 5)

  14. Click Save