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Copy data map to import dataflow from another site

Copy data map to import dataflow from another site in Productsup.

It is possible to copy a Dataflow from one site into another. The platform can copy the connections and the boxes from Site A and paste them into Site B.

If you are setting up multiple sites which follow the same data structure, you may wish to save some manual work. You can set up one Dataflow first, before copying it over to any other countries where you wish to use it.


You should only copy a dataflow when:

  • The import data sources from your sites are similar (or identical).

  • The import data sources have matching column names (pay attention to the capitalization of text here).

  • The exports are the same in both sites.

If your case does not match these conditions above, consider using one of the following features:

Importing the dataflow


Importing a Dataflow will erase all your existing connections and boxes. There is no possibility of recovering your data unless you saved a version before importing the new Dataflow.

To copy the mapping by importing a dataflow:

  1. Navigate to the target site where you want to import the Dataflow.

  2. Navigate to Settings in the left-hand menu.

  3. Select the Advanced Settings tab in the top ribbon.

  4. Select import Dataflow.

  5. Select the site you wish to copy the Dataflow from.

  6. Select Continue.

  7. Confirm that you are willing to overwrite the Dataflow in the target site by selecting Import.

While importing the Dataflow, you may have red warning connections. This means that the feed in the target site doesn’t contain the same columns as in the site from which you copied. The warnings may also indicate that the corresponding columns have different names.