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Add Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) export

Learn to add and set up the export Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) in Productsup to supplement your product feed in Google Merchant Center with promotions data.


Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) is an API-based export that lets you create, update, and delete promotions in Google Merchant Center (GMC) automatically by running the export in your Productsup site. Besides helping you attract more customers and receive more orders, this export lets you save time and avoid errors compared to the manual upload option.

The export Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) uses the Content API for Shopping to send your promotion data to GMC. The attributes you can send are, for example, promotion IDs, offer types, coupon types, promo codes, promotion start and end times, item brands, discounts, etc.


To use the Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) export, you need the following:

  1. A Google Merchant Center account.

  2. GMC authentication in your Productsup account. See Add OAuth authentication to external systems for more information.

    To add GMC authentication to your Productsup account:

    1. Go to Authentication from the account's, project's, or site's menu and select ADD AUTHENTICATION.

    2. In Type, select Google Merchant Center, give it a custom name as desired, and select Next.

    3. Select Connect for Productsup to redirect you to a Google account page where you can give Productsup access to your Google Merchant Center account. Once ready, Google returns you back to Productsup. Close the confirmation window to proceed.

  3. Valid promotion IDs in your feed that GMC can use to apply promotions to your products.

  4. Your Merchant ID that Google assigned to your payment profile. See Find your Merchant ID for more information.

Set up the export Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API)

  1. Go to Exports from your site's main menu and select ADD EXPORT.

  2. Search for Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API), hover over the export channel, and select Add.

    add the export Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) by hovering over it
  3. In Exports, select the cogwheel icon () next to the added export.

  4. Select Add Destination, choose GMC Promotion API v1 from the drop-down list, give it a name as desired, and then select Save.

    Add the destination Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API)
  5. Choose your GMC authentication in Authentication to use. If you haven't created the authentication in the platform yet, select Add New Authentication and create it, as previously seen in Prerequisites.

  6. Toggle the Active button to On to activate the destination.

  7. Select Save.

  8. Go to Dataflow and select Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API) in the drop-down menu on the left.

  9. Connect all mandatory attributes from import to export. The mandatory attributes are:

    1. merchant-id

    2. target-country

    3. language

    4. promotion-id

    5. product-applicability

    6. offer-type

    7. title

    8. redemption-channel

    9. coupon-type

    10. promotion-start-time

    11. promotion-end-time

  10. To export the needed promotion data to Google Merchant Center, go to Exports, select the cogwheel icon () next to the export Google Merchant Center - Promotions (API), and then select Export this export.

    You can also select Export or Run in the top-right corner of your view on any page of the site to export the promotions data. This action, however, sends your site's data to all exports added in the site.


    Before sending your promotion data to GMC, Productsup checks that it contains all mandatory attributes and that the values in those attributes match the export channel requirements. If your promotion or merchant IDs are in the right format but aren't valid, you can't see an error in Productsup. GMC runs a promotion validation process internally, so you need to go to your GMC account to check the success of the data upload and validation.