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Add Google Spreadsheet export

Add the Google Spreadsheet export template for exporting data to Google Sheets in Productsup.


The Google Spreadsheet export template lets you send product content data to an existing Google Sheets template. You can use a two-dimensional data table, known as a data table sheet, or one worksheet tab per product, known as a single-item sheet.

For more advanced features of what you can do using a spreadsheet, see Add Excel Export.

Set up the Excel export destination

To use the Google Spreadsheet export template with an existing Google Sheets spreadsheet, you first need to add the export template, choose a destination, then give your spreadsheet a name. See the following instructions for set up:

  1. Go to Exports from your site's main menu and select ADD EXPORT. Search for Google Spreadsheet, and select Add. Select Add again to confirm it as an export.

  2. Give your export a custom name if desired, then select Add.

    • The custom name replaces the export name on the Google Spreadsheet Overview page.

  3. Select Add Destination and choose Google Sheets API from the drop-down list. You can optionally give your destination a title in Name. Then select Save.

  4. Lastly, select your Google Sheets authentication by selecting Google Spreadsheets from the drop-down menu. Productsup next redirects you to Google's sign-in for authentication. After authenticating, you then return to the Google Sheets API destination page to continue with the setup.

  5. In Spreadsheet Name, enter the name of the spreadsheet where you want to export your data.

  6. In Sheet Prefix, enter a sheet prefix name, for example, Sheet 1.

  7. Turn on your export by selecting Active to On, and lastly, select Save.