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Set a product identifier

Set a product identifier for your site in Productsup.

A Product Identifier is an attribute or a set of attributes you choose as unique identifiers for your products when you set up your data imports in Productsup. A Product Identifier can be, for example, an SKU, GTIN, a combination of the two, etc.


You must set up a product identifier. The product identifier is necessary for specific features to work in Productsup, such as:

  • Monitoring

  • Data Services

  • The Before/After View feature in Data View

  • Delta files

Add a product identifier

  1. Go to Data Sources from your site's main menu and select the Settings tab.

  2. In the ID Column drop-down list, from the list of Product Identifiers, choose one at least.



    Be sure to choose an ID column with unique values only. Selecting a column with non-unique values may cause issues.