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Get an overview of your imported and exported rows by viewing the Activity menu in Productsup.


In the Productsup platform, viewing the Activity menu can give you an overview of your imported and exported rows. View your import or export summary from the account, project, or site level.

Go to Activity from the main menu

The two KPIs available for viewing are:

  • Maintained Products - Represents an average number of products that you retain

  • Exported Products - Represents the total number of products you exported

You can export an overview of your product's activity as a CSV file from specific periods for up to one year in the past. To view your current or previous project's site import or export activity, choose the month from the Export CSV drop-down menu.

Export your product activity as a CSV

Maintained Products

Maintained Products detail the average number of processed rows in a site over a month. You can find this information in the Activity menu under the site, project, or account level. You can also refer to the Maintained Products number as administered lines or the average of imported rows. The platform accumulates all Maintained Products from all sites within an account and displays them in the Activity section.

The Maintained Products calculation comes from the average amount of rows in the Import or Intermediate stages, depending on which stage has a higher number.

Exported Products

The Exported Products figure is a total count of exported products within a site over a month. The platform accumulates all Exported Products from all sites within an account and displays them in the Activity section.

Table 1. Exported Products example


Row count on Import

Row count on Intermediate


Run #1



Platform triggered a manual import, but the file is corrupt and only contains a low number of products.

Run #2



Platform triggered an Import manually and imported all products successfully.

Run #3



Platform triggered an import and export for all products and passed them to the Intermediate stage.

Run #4



Scheduling triggered another full data import and export.




Exported Products total




Maintained Products total

The import stage did run four times and has an average row count of 7,525 (30,100 divided by 4). The Intermediate stage only ran twice; the calculated average is 10,000 (20,000 divided by 2). 


Since the Intermediate average is higher than the Import average, 10,000 is the number of Maintained Products for that month.

Activity history

Activity always shows you the Maintained and Exported Products assigned to the sites in your projects when looking at the data.

What does this mean? If a site was in your sandbox or testing environment in January, and you moved it to your live project in March, it appears in the live project from then on. It remains in the live project even if you view previous product counts from January.

Because of this, remember that the activity may not be historically accurate, which may differ from your invoice.