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Product import methods

There are four product import methods for getting your product feed data in Productsup.

The four (4) major methods for importing your products as a data source into Productsup are as follows:

  1. File-based data sources

  2. API-based data sources

  3. Direct connections to external systems

  4. Website crawler

File-based data sources

Most files-based formats are supported out-of-the-box within Productsup, such as:

  • CSV

  • TSV

  • XML

  • TXT

  • JSON

Supported transfer protocols for these file types are HTTP(S) and FTP. These connections can also be password-protected. Importing data via other protocols (like SFTP) is also possible and needs an individual setup.

For information about how to import different types of data, see Import data from internal systems.

API-based data sources

You can also import directly through an API connection. We have several already set up:

As well as a more non-standardized option:

  • Basic API Request with JSON Response

  • JSON API Import

For information about how to import different types of data, see Import data from internal systems.

Direct connections to external systems

You have the option to connect directly to external systems, such as Google Merchant Center or Shopify.

Here, there is already a standard connection setup prepared for you. This means that you will not have to worry about the technical integration, which is already configured.

More information about connecting to external systems can be found here

Use the website crawler to crawl product landing pages

If you have issues proving an extensive data feed, Productsup can crawl your website. For additional information, see Extract product data from the crawled code with rule boxes. It is also possible to create a feed from scratch based on your website, see Checklist - Create a Feed Step-by-Step. If your data needs to be updated very often, then this is not optimal for retrieving information, such as product availability.

Custom data sources can be created for you

If you need a data source method to import your products which we don’t currently support, then you can reach out to the support team. They will be happy to check the feasibility (in connection with our IT Teams where necessary) of creating a new data source for you.