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Create or copy a site

Learn to create or copy a site in Productsup and automatically transfer your products, Product Identifier settings, export destinations, and more to a new site.


A site contains your imported product data, the optimizations you apply to it, and the exports where you can send your data. Sites are usually your main workspace in the Productsup platform.

A site is the smallest structural entity in the platform. Your Productsup account can have multiple projects where you can add multiple sites. Every site thus belongs to a project.

You can sort sites into specific projects to efficiently manage and organize them. Similar to projects, you can organize your sites per country, brand, language, etc.

Dashboard is the homepage of every site. Here, you can see the site's stats and change the site's status.


Each site can have one of these statuses:

  • Active - In an active site, the platform uses the existing triggers and schedules to run the site automatically. It imports, processes, and exports data as expected. This is the default site status.

  • Paused - In a paused site, the platform uses the existing triggers and schedules to partially run the site. It imports and processes your data, but it doesn't send any data to any of the added exports. Even if you manually run a paused site, the platform doesn't export its data. Using paused sites is a good way to test data optimization strategies without exporting any data to your target channels before it's ready.

    The platform considers the products in paused sites as Maintained Products.

  • Disabled - In a disabled site, the platform doesn't apply any existing triggers or schedules to import, process, or export data. Disabled sites don't run.

    The platform doesn't consider the products in disabled sites as Maintained Products.



Besides the site level, you can also change a site's status at the project and account level in Overview using the drop-down list in the State column.

When creating a site, you have two options:

  1. Create a new site and manually set it up from scratch.

  2. Copy an existing site and reuse its settings.

Create a new site

Learn more about the account structure from the video or find detailed guidance in the sections below:

  1. Go to a project where you want to add a site.

  2. Select ADD SITE.

  3. Enter a name for your site.

  4. Select Save.

Copy a site

Copying a site saves time and reduces the probability of errors caused by configuring sites manually. Productsup copies the following items from the source site:

  • Data sources and Product Identifier settings from Data Sources

  • Export channels from Exports

  • Attribute connections and rule boxes from Dataflow

  • Product segments from Data View

  • Data service settings from Data Services

  • Tracking settings from Tracking

  • All lists from Lists shared on the site level

  • ROI rules from ROI Strategy

  • Site tags from Settings

Additionally, you can choose to copy:

  • Export destinations from Exports

  • Scheduling and triggering settings from Data Sources


Productsup doesn't copy the following:

  • Tracking data - The platform copies tracking settings into the new site, but all tracking data is only available in the source site.

    ROI rules based on tracking KPIs, such as clicks and orders, don't work in the new site.

  • Lists - The availability of lists shared on the project and account level depends on where your new site exists. If the new site exists in the same project or account as the source site, your new site gets all lists shared in that project or account, respectively.

    If you delete a list shared on the project or account level from the source site, all sites in the same project or account lose access to it.

You can use the Bulk Option feature to copy multiple sites at once. See Use bulk options to perform actions across multiple sites.

To copy a site, take these steps:

  1. Go to the account level in Productsup by performing one of the following actions:

    1. Select the Productsup logo in the top left-hand corner of the platform.

    2. Select your account name or the home icon in the breadcrumbs.

    3. Go directly to the link ending with your account ID.

    Access the account level by performing one of these actions
  2. Select the project where you wish to add a site.

  3. Select ADD SITE.

  4. Enter a name for your site.

  5. Select Create a copy of an existing Site from the Create or Copy drop-down menu.

  6. Choose the site you want to copy from the Select a Site to copy drop-down menu.

  7. Choose Select. This action directs you to the site setup page.

    The settings available when you want to copy a site
  8. If you want to copy all export destinations from the source site, switch Copy with Export A/B Destinations to On.


    If you copy a site with its export destinations, the destinations of both the source and the new site have the same settings, such as filenames, folders, buckets, etc.

    The Productsup Server destination is the only destination that is always unique and gets a new link and filename when you copy it.

  9. To copy all scheduling and triggering settings from the source site and let the new site use the same conditions for importing and processing data, select On in Copy with Scheduling & Triggering.

  10. Select Copy Selected Site.