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Export orders to Shopify

Export orders to Shopify in Productsup.


Export the Shopify API (Orders) to send orders directly to your Shopify system. The following list of attributes, found in Dataflow, is mandatory for a successful export:

  • original_order_id

  • line_item_variant_id

  • line_item_variant_sku

  • line_item_quantity

  • shipping_address (for physical shipment only)

For goods that require physical shipment, you must provide shipping information. You can export all the other products to Shopify by using the first four attributes seen in the previous list.


  1. In the site, choose Exports from the main menu, then select ADD EXPORT. Next, add Shopify API (Orders).

  2. In the Destinations section, select Add Destination and choose Shopify (Orders) from the drop-down list. Now enter a destination Name.

  3. In Shop URL, enter the URL of the Shopify shop for your export orders.

  4. Enter the Shopify API Key you received in API Key.

  5. Enter the Password provided by Shopify.