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Import an RSS feed

Import feed data from an RSS feed in Productsup.


To import data from an RSS feed:

  1. Go to Data Sources from your site's main menu, and select ADD DATA SOURCE. Then choose RSS Feed and select Add.

  2. (Optional) Give your data source a custom name. This custom name replaces the name of the data source on the Data Sources Overview page. Then, select Continue.

  3. Enter your RSS feed link in Feed URL.

  4. If your products are on several pages, add the following values:

    1. Page Variable: Enter the URL parameter that determines the page value. For example,

      1. - In this example, the page value is page.

      2. - in this example, the page value is paginated.

    2. First Page Value: Enter the page where your RSS feed starts.

    3. Last Page Value: Enter the page number where your RSS feed stops.

  5. Enter a file description in Description (optional) as desired. The labeling you enter serves as the file's name in the platform.

  6. Select Save.