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Set up a bucket destination

Store your export product data in a bucket on the Productsup server.


Productsup lets you store your export product data in a bucket on the Productsup server. You can choose from a list of buckets you previously set up or establish a new bucket destination in Exports.


All feeds set to use the same bucket must have the same structure.

Set up a bucket destination in Exports

  1. Go to Exports from your site's main menu and choose your single-merchant site export channel. Skip to step 4 if you have already set up your export channel. To add an export, select ADD EXPORT and search for your export channel.

  2. Next, select Add. Select Add again to confirm it as an export.

  3. Give your export a custom name if desired, then select Add.

    • The custom name replaces the export name on the Excel Export Overview page.

  4. Select the Exports overview page from the Setup cogwheel () icon for your chosen export template.

  5. Select Add Destination and choose Export to Data Source from the drop-down list. You can optionally give your destination a title in Name and select Save.

  6. To export skipped products, switch Allow skipped rows to On.

  7. You can also export columns created by an import service such as Group Attributes to the bucket. Use these columns for other sites without applying the service again. If you do not want to export these columns to the bucket, switch Remove Passthru Columns to On.

  8. Switch Prevent Empty Upload to On to avoid uploading files containing no data.

  9. Turn on the destination by switching Active to On.