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Data Sources

Data Sources is the part of the Productsup platform where you control import settings for a site. You can add import feeds as main and additional feeds as well as set up automatic scheduling for data imports and exports. Additionally, you can set up a proxy download.


Accepted types of data sources

Connect with generic data sources

These are common data formats used in multiple domains. The Productsup platform can accept the following generic data sources:

Feed/URL - you can directly import CSV, txt, tsv, JSON, XML or xlsx files with a HTTP or FTP URL.

Dynamic SFTP Download - use an STFT to download files with dynamically changing file names.

MySQL Import - import from a MySQL Database via a request query.

Basic API Request with JSON Response - send requests to JSON Sources that use pagination.

Connect with shop systems

The Productsup platform can connect to the most common shop systems.

For example, it is compatible with:

Magento 2.x REST API - you can connect to Magento 2.x via REST API.

Shopify (Products) - you can connect via the Shopify API and import products from your Shopify system.

WooCommerce - you can import product data from your WooCommerce shop via API.

Connect with shopping platforms

The Productsup platform can connect to the most common Shopping Platforms.

For example, it is compatible with:

Google Merchant Center - directly connect your Google Merchant Center account to the Productsup platform and import product data. Offers (API) - fetch partner account offers from

Amazon Product Advertising API - import product information from Amazon based on browse nodes.

Connect with PIM/PMS Systems

You can syndicate PIM and PMS Data in the Productsup platform.

Compatible PIM/PMS systems include:

Akeneo File Import - import your data from an Akeneo PIM System.

SAP Product Content Hub (PCH) - connect to the SAP Product Content HUb and syndicate your product data.

Connect with cloud systems

You can download a product feed file from a variety of cloud services, including:

Amazon S3 - download product data files from S3 buckets.

Google Cloud Storage - download product data files from a Google Cloud Service bucket.

Connect with order information

Import order information from a variety of platforms, including:

Cdiscount Order Import - import orders directly from CDiscount.

Shopify (Orders) - import orders from your Shopify system.

Connect with tracking data

Import tracking data from a variety of services, including:

DoubleClick Search Report - import search report from Doubleclick Studio.

Google Universal Analytics (UA) - import data from your Google Analytics account.