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How to upload Facebook Dynamic Ads

This article is about how to create and upload a feed in Facebook Business Manager using either the Facebook Fetch Schedule or the Facebook Marketing API. You can get more detailed insights into this on our Blog.

Prerequisite: Your business is listed in Business Manager.

Submit your product feed aka product catalog to Facebook

This product feed lists all the products you want to advertise on Facebook as well as their unique attributes (title, description, price, image link, etc.). The social media platform supports many existing formats. The attributes required are very similar to the Google Merchant Center feed.

Add a “custom audience” pixel to your website

This is necessary to track which Facebook user has visited which product on your website. Based on the exact product they viewed and based on where they got to in the purchasing process, it allows you to create custom audiences to which you can dynamically serve your ads.

Create a dynamic product ad in Power Editor

In cooperation with one of the Facebook Marketing Partners you need to determine how you want your product information to be displayed in the ad. In creating your ad you need to select ‘Product Catalog Sales’ as your objective.

1. Create a feed in Productup

Activate the export channel Facebook Dynamic Product Ads in Productsup int the Exports tab and set it up according to the channel specific requirements.

  • Export the feed using Productsup Serveras destination if you want to import the feed into the Business Manager using the Facebook Fetch Schedule.

  • Export the feed using the Facebook Marketing API: Product Feed as a destination if you want to define your own schedule for the upload.


Authentication: Choose your Facebook authentication.

Product Catalog ID: After adding the catalog to the Business Manager in Facebook you need to enter the ID here.

Interval: Here you define the schedule that Facebook uses for importing the feed into the Business Manager.

Feed Name: Enter the name of your feed and make sure that it matches with the feed name in the Business Manager.

Market Country & Default Currency: These options can be made in the Business Manager directly or alternatively directly in the Productsup setup.

Trigger Download: Enable this option if you want Facebook to refresh your feed according to the schedule you set in "Interval".

Active: Set the destination to active as soon as you want to start using it.

2. Create a product catalog in Facebook Business Manager

You need a Business Manager account with at least one Facebook page.


In Settingsclick on Product Catalogue and Add New Product Catalogue.


Choose Create new catalog.


Enter your product catalog name and click on Create Product Catalogue to save the settings.


Click on Add Product Feed for the created product catalogue.


Enter a feed name.

Select Auto-Upload with URL

Enter the feed URL.

For Encodingchoose Auto Detect or UTF-8.

Select the same Delimiter as in Productsup (per default: Tab).

Select Use quoted fields.

Select Daily for Upload Frequency.

Finally, click on Schedule Upload.


Facebook will start to upload your feed. It can take a few minutes.


After a few minutes you will see your products:


If you get any error message log into Productsup and correct your feed.