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In order to show statistics, Productsup needs to collect them first. That's why the following steps have to be resolved:


The Reporting tab is separated into three sections:

  1. Menu: Setup or edit the report regarding time range, KPIs, channels, etc. You can also download and save versions of your report for later loading.

  2. Chart: Visualize your report in a graph.

  3. Table: Show the columns, rows and data of your current report.

Figure 1. reporting

1. Menu

Channels: Select from the dropdown list which channel you want to see

Time range: Select the period of the reporting results that should be shown

Options: Select the wanted KPI's. Per default the data are aggregated per channel. But they can also be shown on different levels (category, brand and product) and per day. All of them can be combined.

After selecting these option(s), click on Apply.

Save as: Save a Reporting version (as a version in Dataflow)

Load: Last X days

Current View: CSV or XLS

Orders: CSV or XLS

2. Chart

Shows the clicks (in blue) and the orders (in red) for the channel and period you chose.

3. Table

Channel: Name of the Export Channel

Clicks: Amount of clicks for the selected period/ channel

Orders: Number of sold products (not the number of orders)

One client can order 3 products at once and the number of bought products will appear (here: 3).

Revenue: Volume of the transaction

Costs: Result of CPC multiplied by the amount of clicks

Conversion Rate: Result of Orders divided by Clicks = rate of the orders in relation to the clicks

CRR: Cost revenue ratio (in german KUV), Result of Cost divided by Revenue

CPO: Cost per Order, Result of Cost divided by Amount of sold products

ROI %: Return on Investment, Result of Revenue divided by Cost