Set CPC Add Cost in Reporting

To calculate the costs, the ROI, the CRR, and the CPO in the reporting, Productsup first needs to know the pricing model.

In Export A/B, click on Setup.

Scroll down a little bit to find the Pricing section


You have different options to deposit the information for the pricing model:

  • Cost per click: Cost the advertiser pays for each click

  • Cost per order: Fix provision on each order (if the publisher/partner gets for example 5.00€ on each generated order)

  • Monthly fee: Fix fee for a month

  • Minimum Fee: Minimum amount (cost) that the advertiser will pay to the publisher, if his marketing spending doesn't reach this minimum amount

  • Free clicks: Amount of click free for the advertiser for the month

  • Currency: Euros or US Dollars

Click on Save. Please note: All fields are required and can't be empty. Set at least 0. Use digit values (dot, not comma).