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Keyword Feature (legacy document)

With Productsup's Keyword Tool you can identify the keywords that visitors typed into a search engine or into the search box on your website in order to find your product.

These keywords will be collected and added to your import feed. You could use them for example to optimize your feed by adding these keywords to your product description.

You can also send the keywords to your content team. For each product they can see the search queries and optimize the page for those keywords.

Note: Google removed organic search query data since September 2013, and for paid search since 2014, for "security reason".

The pixel will collect data everytime a user opens the page.

1. Implement Product Tracking

To use this feature, you first need to implement our Product Pixel Tracking.

These pixels should be on every product detail page and will allow Productsup to collect the data for all your products.

2. Configure the keyword tool on the Productsup platform

In the Tracking tab, click on Keywords.


Keyword from domain: Enter the domain where the keywords should be collected from. Example:

Keyword from field: Choose either referrer or location.

  • Location: the pixel will read the parameter from the product page URL

  • Referrer: the pixel will read the parameter from he referrer

Google is no longer providing the search queries in the URL.

Keyword from parameter: Enter the parameter before the keywords (example: q for Google), or enter the parameter for you internal search.

Analyze days: Determine the time range.

Column name: Insert the name of the column in the additional feed that should contain the keywords.

Tracking identifier field: Insert the name of the identifier field in the pixel. Per default: item_id.

Feed identifier field: Insert the name of the column in your import feed containing the product ID.

Url decode: Decide if the URL should be decoded or not

Max results per field: Insert the maximum keywords for each product per field

Activate the inserted criteria by clicking on On next to Active on the top of the page and click the Save button.

3. Use the collected data

In Data Sources you will now see a new import feed containing the keywords named Keyword Data.


Feel free to send this feed to your content management team.