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April 2023 release notes

Check out what we released to the Productsup platform in April 2023.

At Productsup, we are continuously working to offer you the best P2C experience. See the updates and new features we released to the platform in April 2023.

Platform features and updates

Improved Exports tabs

Exports are one of the critical features of our platform. We improved it by making it more informative and engaging. The main changes include:

  • The Exports A/B feature changed its name to Exports.

    Exports tabs
  • The Overview and Exports history tabs got a new look and feel to give you a better representation of your exports.

  • The field Search for and various filter options let you find necessary exports easier.

  • You can now access the export setup page by selecting the export name rather than the cogwheel icon ().

    Export name set up
  • The Exports page no longer clusters exports by categories but lists them individually to let you sort them by the last run, number of exported products, or creation date.

  • To organize exports visually on the Overview tab, you can now use the Labels drop-down menu.

    Labels apply

See Export data feeds for more information.

New data sources and export channels


ManoMano is a large European marketplace for DIY, gardening, and home improvement products and services. With France as its biggest market, the marketplace is active in the following six (6) countries:

  • France

  • Belgium

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • UK

Using the newly built exports and a data source, you can send your products to ManoMano via a CSV file and export product updates and order statuses to the marketplace via API:

  1. ManoMano - Product Creation

  2. ManoMano API - Product Update (Price & Stock)

  3. ManoMano Orders Import v1

  4. ManoMano API - Order Accept/Refuse

  5. ManoMano API - Refund Orders

  6. ManoMano API - Shipment Notifications

Add the export ManoMano - Product Creation

See Send your product and order data to ManoMano for more information.

Snapchat Dynamic Ads for Travel

Snapchat Dynamic Ads for Travel allow businesses to target travelers on Snapchat and advertise services to this audience based on individual preferences, intent, and location.

See Dynamic Ads for Travel for more information.

We have built the export Snapchat Dynamic Ads for Travel (Hotels) to let hotel advertisers send their feeds to Snapchat and use the new dynamic ads. This export generates a CSV file that you can upload to Snapchat via URL or SFTP.

The export Snapchat Dynamic Ads for Travel (Hotels)

Google vehicle ads

Google vehicle ads are a new ad format that lets auto advertisers reach potential customers that shop for vehicles on Google. These ads appear at the top of the search results page as vehicle images accompanied by information like the vehicle's price, make, model, mileage, and advertiser.

See Vehicle ads overview for more information.

To let you promote vehicles on Google, we have built the export Google Vehicle Ads that generates a CSV file with your product data. You can schedule the export to run automatically and send the generated CSV file to an SFTP server where Google Merchant Center picks it up and uploads it to your account.

The export Google Vehicle Ads