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August 2023 release notes

Check out what we released to the Productsup platform in August 2023.

At Productsup, we are continuously working to offer you the best P2C experience. See the updates and new features we released to the platform in August 2023.

Platform features and updates

Rule boxes empowered by generative AI

We enhanced several rule boxes with generative AI to simplify the operations with text and regular expressions and improve user experience.


The AI-powered rule boxes are now in the alpha testing mode and are available only to some customers. If you want to try these features and give us your feedback, reach out to your Client Success Manager.

Text generation and optimization with the AI-powered rule boxes

If you need to rework your product descriptions in your data feed, you can use the following new rule boxes in Dataflow or Data View:

  • Shorten Text - This rule box shortens a needed text to a desired character limit.

    Shorten text
  • Lengthen Text - This rule box extends a needed text to a desired character limit.

    Lengthen text
  • Generate Text from Attributes - This rule box generates a text taking data from up to five (5) attributes selected in the rule box.

    Generate text from attributes
Regex generator for regex-related rule boxes

Some rule boxes let you use regular expressions (regex), but remembering the necessary regex may not always be easy. We implemented the AI-based regex generator for all rule boxes where you can use regular expressions. You can access it by selecting the >_ icon in a rule box.

Regular expression generator

To get a suggestion on a necessary regex, describe what result you want to achieve with the rule box, and the platform will generate a regex that you can copy and add to the respective rule box field to convert your data as needed.

Regex generator

New data sources and export channels


As the AGRE version 8.0 expires on September 30, 2023, we have implemented a series of exports to support the latest 9.0 version released by ARGE in April 2023.

The ARGE is a data standard used in the HVAC industry in Germany. The ARGE main data file comprises multiple CSV files, each responsible for handling a specific data type.

You can find, add, and set up the individual export template in Exports:

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Kopfdaten

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Artikel

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Artikeldokumentenzuordnungen

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Artikelmasse

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Dimensionstexte

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Zusaetzliche_artikeltexte

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Artikelzubehoer

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Artikelsets

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Rohstoffe

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Artikelattribute

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Gruppen

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Gruppendokumentenzuordnungen

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Langtexte

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Linienpreise

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Ersatzteillisten

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Historische_produkte

  • ARGE DQR 9.0 - Hp_dokumentenzuordnungen


The Analyser tests in Data View for ARGE exports are still in development and will become globally available soon.