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Boxes - Edit Link

1. Add / Change Link Parameter

Use this box to add or change a tracking parameter in your product URL. You can choose between adding a static value or a dynamic value from your feed by selecting the desired column.

To add "&utm_campaign=mycampaign" to your link set the first input field to "utm_campaign" and the "Value" one to "mycampaign". This is the static method.

If you have a dynamic value, choose the desired column in the dropdown and it will add the product specific value to the parameter.


If a tracking parameter is already existing in your input link, the box will use "&" at the beginning. If Productsup can't detect any other parameter, the box will use "?" at the beginning.

2. Add Column URL-Encoded

With this box you can prepend or append an URL from another column and encode it.


3. Add URL Fragment

With this box you can add a fragment to a URL. Before your entry the box will add a #.

Example: Add test to the given URL.


After using the box:


4. Get Filename from URL

Get Filename from URL takes just the filename out of the URL.

Example: "" would output "".


5. Raw URL Encode

Use this box if you want to raw endoce an URL.

Example: Column link:


and column city: New York were added and the following URL is created:

"http// York"

But it has a whitespace in it, that's why we are using the box:


After using the box:


6. Shorten URL

If you want to shorten your URL's case of length restrictions you can use this box. The URL is changed when exporting the feed.


7. URL Decode

This box is used to decode the URL's.



After using the box:


8. URL Encode

Use this box to encode the URL's.



After using the box: