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September 2023 release notes

Check out what we released to the Productsup platform in September 2023.

At Productsup, we are continuously working to offer you the best P2C experience. See the updates and new features we released to the platform in September 2023.

Platform features and updates

Pivot Layout data service

If your data feed contains multiple rows with the same products and different attributes, you may need to bring your feed to the channel-accepted format, where each attribute is a separate column.

The new Pivot Layout data service creates one row for each unique product and rearranges attributes from rows into columns, setting the corresponding values into them.

Reshape Import Data

The new data service can be especially useful for working with the FAB-DIS sheets.

The Pivot Layout data service lets you:

  • View the new attribute columns in Dataflow immediately after the data service run and map them to your intermediate and export stages.

  • Escape the manual work to transform your import files.

  • Rename the attributes and values in bulk applying lists from Lists. For example, you can convert the ETIM codes into the human-readable text.

See Restructure your import data with the Pivot Layout data service for more information.

Enhanced user experience on Dataflow

We added several improvements to Dataflow to make the use of its features and elements clearer and easier:

  • Tooltips for rule boxes: All rule boxes now have informative tooltips in the Large view. To see a rule box explanation, hover on the question icon next to the rule box name.

    Rule box tooltips
  • Rule boxes impacting the processing time: The rule boxes that can significantly slow down the processing time of your site now have the exclamation icon next to the rule box name.

    Rule boxes with impact of the processing time
  • Adjustable width for the Dataflow columns: You can adjust the column width in Datatflow to make long attribute names fully visible. Select the needed size in the Hide/Show drop-down menu in the upper ribbon.

    Adjust width
  • Data source filter: You can select and view only the import attributes from a specific data source.

    Filter attributes by data sources
  • Hide Attributes without Values: You can hide the attributes that don't contain values. You can still see a visual indication of the hidden attributes if they are connected between stages.

    Hide attributes without values

New data sources and export channels

Allegro imports and exports

Allegro Marketplace is one of the largest and most popular online marketplaces in Central and Eastern Europe.


Now, you can use the Allegro imports and exports only in your sandbox project. We will soon finalize the integration and make the new exports ready for the live projects.

Meanwhile, if you need a demo on how to set up the Allegro imports and exports, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact

We added two new data sources to let you import the offers and orders from your Allegro account into Productsup:

  • Allegro Offer Import

  • Allegro Order Import

Allegro imports

Also, we added two new exports for Allegro:

  • Allegro Price Stock & Availability Update

  • Allegro Shipment Notification

Allegro exports


KulturPass is a program of the German government for everyone celebrating their 18th birthday in 2023. Anyone who lives in Germany and turns 18 in 2023 can register in the program and receive 200 euros on their 18th birthday. They can use the budget to buy concert tickets, books, CDs, musical instruments, and more.

We added exports that you can use to create your offers for KulturPass in the following categories:

  • Kulturpass_Bücher

  • Kulturpass_Noten

  • Kulturpass_Tonträger


If you need other categories, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or