Boxes - Edit Image


  • Please don't combine the Boxes - Edit Image for Facebook Dynamic Ads with the ones explained below: They are two completely different systems and mixing them will not lead to a working image.

  • After the edit image boxes are applied (except boxes 4 & 5 below, which only split multiple URLs), the images will be rendered on the fly when the image link is accessed. They will not be hosted/store on our servers, but the link will change from the original input to a Productsup link.

1. Add Image From Column

If you want to add one or more image links to one cell you should use the Add Image From Column Box. It automatically adds a comma before the following image URL. Choose from the dropdown list the source column of the additional image link. Add that box for every additional image link.


2. Add Logo To Image

This box adds a logo onto the product image when the column with the logo image or URL to reach that logo image is given.

Example: Add your company logo to the product picture of this shoe.


Fill in the following information:

  • Enter the logo URL or select the column where the logo image is present.

  • Select the position of the logo on the image: left/right, top/bottom while the given product image is clusterd into fifths.

  • Select the logo's size.

  • Rotate or resize the logo if necessary.

To help you with the size, use the grid (select "show" grid). Please remember to hide the grid before exporting!

Possible result:


3. Add Text To Image

The Add Text To Image box works like the Add Logo To Image box but adding text instead of a logo the product image.

Select the column with the text to add and the text position. You can choose the color, the font, and enter a maximal length.


Example: Add the brand name to the image. The name shall be written in orange.

After using the box:


4. Separate Link and Take First Image

This box is used to keep the first image link and cut off the following image links in that cell.

Example: Column "additional_image_link" contains 3 image URLs:


After using the box:


5. Separate Link and Take Last Images

This box is used to cut off the first image link in a cell and keep the following image links. It is the inverted function of the box Seperate Link and Take First Imagementioned above.

Example: Column "additional_image_link" contains 3 image URLs:


After using the box: