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User Rights Explained (legacy document)

1. Account hierarchy

  • An account (your company) can have multiple logins (users)

  • An account can have multiple projects

  • A project can have multiple sites

  • A site belongs to exactly one project

  • A projects belongs to exactly one account

2. Different status

In the Productsup platform there are Administrators, Read-Write users and Read-Only users.

Administrator: Rights & Limitations

Can do anything he wishes, this includes:

  • Access everything that has been added

  • Implement any and all changes

  • Create/edit/delete accounts (of co-workers)

  • Grant other users access to sites

  • Add or remove sites and projects

  • Edit other admin account but not delete them (except if you change their status to user first)

--> Admin has the admin status for all sites and projects within the account.

User: Rights & Limitations

  • can access the sites made available to him

  • can edit the data on the sites he has access to

  • can create new sites

  • cannot create a user account

  • cannot see all other users

  • cannot give themselves more rights – if they need to have access to a site they cannot see or only have reading rights to, an administrator needs to grant this

--> User doesn't have automatically access to all sites within the account.

Three kinds of users:

No-Access: If someone is granted no access to a site then he will not be able to see the site at all.

Read-Only: Users with this status can view information on those sites that have been made visible to them only (i.e. Data View feature). They cannot edit/add/remove any information or sites that they have been granted access to

Read-Write: Users with read-write access can edit and work in the site but cannot delete the site

3. Where do I get started?

To add, edit and deactivate user-accounts click here. You need to be Admin to access this page. Go to the menu item User Management and make the wished modifications.

More information about the modification of users you can find in Set up User Management.