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November 2023 release notes

Check out what we released to the Productsup platform in November 2023.

At Productsup, we are continuously working to offer you the best P2C experience. See the updates and new features we released to the platform in November 2023.

Platform features and updates

Translate your product data with the new Google Translate (Advanced) data service

The new Google Translate (Advanced) data service uses the Google Cloud Translation API Advanced to let you translate the values of multiple attributes into the needed target languages. Using the new translation data service, you can reach more markets and sell your products globally.

Unlike the previously built Google Translate data service, the new data service lets you translate multiple attributes at once and use glossaries to make the translations of specific terms more consistent across all your translated text.


Using any of the translation data services available on the Productsup platform incurs costs on the Google API side.

Google Translate (Advanced) data service

See Translate your feed with the Google Translate and Google Translate (Advanced) data services for more information.

Regex generator is now globally available

In August 2023, we released the Regex generator feature to make it easier to find the needed regular expressions and use regex-based rule boxes. See August 2023 release notes.

At first, the Regex generator feature was only available to a limited number of users, but now it is globally available to all users of the Productsup platform.

You can access it via the >_ icon in any regex-based rule box. To get an AI-powered suggestion for the needed regular expression, you need to enter a prompt and copy the suggestion as shown in this screenshot.

Copy regex

See Find a regular expression with Regex generator for more information.

New data sources and export channels


Kaufland is a large marketplace that offers a wide variety of products. It is very popular in Germany, with attracting over 30 million visitors monthly. The marketplace is expanding to Czechia and Slovakia with country-specific storefronts.


Productsup now offers an ecosystem of API-based integrations to send your product, inventory, and order fulfillment data to Kaufland and import your orders from Kaufland into Productsup.

The ecosystem involves three (3) exports and one (1) data source:

  • Kaufland Product Creation export

  • kaufland inventory Export export

  • Kaufland Orders Fulfilment Export export

  • Kaufland Order Units data source

See Add Kaufland exports and import order data from Kaufland for more information.


Bol is a large online marketplace popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. Their website offers over 37 million products across a wide variety of categories and has 25 million active users per month.


Productsup now offers an ecosystem of API-based integrations to send your product, offer, and shipment data to Bol and import your orders and offers from Bol into Productsup.

The ecosystem involves seven (7) exports and two (2) data sources:

  • Product Content export

  • Offers export

  • Offers (API) export

  • offers management delta export export

  • orders shipment delta export export

  • orders cancellation delta export export

  • Ship orders (API) export

  • Offers import data source

  • Orders import data source


Otto is a German-based marketplace operating in over 20 countries. The website has 11 million active users completing 10 orders per second. This marketplace offers a high-reach platform for sellers aiming to grow their business in Germany.


Productsup now offers an ecosystem of API-based integrations to send your product, offer, and shipment data to Otto and import your orders from Otto into Productsup.

The ecosystem involves three (3) exports and one (1) data source:

  • Otto Delta Product API Export Main export

  • Otto - Shipment Notification Delta Export export

  • Otto Product Delta Export export

  • Otto - Orders Import data source

Email destination now supports Excel Macro Files (xlsm)

In any export that sends data to the Excel Macro Files (xlsm) destination, you can now add the Email destination and let the platform send emails to your desired email addresses whenever the export finishes a successful run.


The emails contain a success message and a link to the output file.

See Get emails with exported products and images to view and share export files for more information.

Filter out unneeded products when importing data from Shopify

We have built a new filter functionality for the Shopify - Product Import and Shopify Plus data sources. It helps you to choose which status a product should have for the platform to import it from Shopify into Productsup.

Shopify Product
Shopify Plus

You can choose whether to import products with these statuses:

  • Active

  • Draft

  • Archived

This filter functionality can let you dramatically cut the time it takes to import your products from Shopify into Productsup.

See Import products from Shopify or ShopifyPlus for more information.