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Boxes - Miscellaneous

1. Comment

Comment is a box that is not used to edit data. It gives you the chance to make notes.

It can be very useful if you use and combine a lot of boxes and later want to know why or if other persons are using the account as well.


2. Set Property Value

This box uses the site or export tags to define a value. It is useful to change values in copied sites without having to change any boxes.


3. Set To Site ID

This box is used to set the value to the Productsup site ID.


4. Sort Values

The box Sort Values sorts the items in a cell alphabetically based on a delimiter.


5. Character count

It displays the number of characters in the cell.


6. Word count

Simply displays the number of words in the cell.


Delimiter: Chose the delimiter that separates the values

Order: You can choose how the values will be sorted: ascending or descending

7. Trim Category Tree

This box cuts last categories by the delimiter ">" if length exeeds. Just fill in the maximum number of characters.


8. Extract Value from JSON

This box extracts values from JSON bodies.

Figure 1. ExtractJson

Extract from field: Enter the name of the value you want to extract.


  • JSON Input: { "name":"John", "age":30, "cars": { "car1":"Ford", "car2":"BMW", "car3":"Fiat" } }

  • Extract from field: name

  • Result: John

9. Sort Values in Cell

This box let's you sort the values in a cell by providing the order in which they should be sorted.

Figure 2. sortValuesInCell

Attention: When adding values to this box, the ascending or descending order from the dropdown does not work anymore. If there are values that are not adressed with the values added, they will be ordered by first appearance.