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Boxes - Date Time

Please note: If you want to export a value for a limited time, you can use the box scheduling. More information can be found in Advanced rule box options.

1. Convert Datetime Format

This box is used to change the given format of a date or time.

Please note: The date format in this box is not the same as in "Limited Time Only". For year for example, use "Y", not "YYYY"". For more information click here.


You have a date in this format: 2014-05-29 but need this format: 29. May 2014.

Fill in the source format of the date and the target format. In this example the following formats have been inserted:


After using the box:

29. May 2014

The d stands for: "Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros". More information about it can be found here.

2. Limited Time Only

If you want to assign a text or offer a discount for a certain period of time use the Limited Time Only Box.

How to use the box:

2.1. Set the start and end date

There are three options to set the start and end date of your Limited Time Only. Please note: To include all full chosen days for the dates and always fill in the days in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.



Your import feed already contains a column with a start date and one with an end date:

Connect them to Intermediate and Export level in Data-Flow. Use the drag- and drop-function of Data-Flow to create new rows in Intermediate and Export before importing your feed again. If the dates are inserted but not in the desired format, change that with the Box Convert Datetime Formatas explained above. Choose the correct column from the dropdown list to fill in the columns including the start and end dates.

Your import feed doesn't contain an start and end date:

Create columns for that in Intermediate and Export stage. Link any two rows from Import that you don't need for export and link them to the new columns "start_date" and "end_date". After importing your feed again you can use the "Static Value"-Box to insert the desired dates into the two new columns. If certain products have different time-limitations than the others use the Set Value if Column Contains box, choose a column to refer to (e.g. id, gtin, etc.) and insert the desired date in the right format (e.g. 123456:2014-10-26).

Your import feed doesn't contain an start and end date and you don't want to manually add the dates in the box:

Insert the start and end date in the box manually. Just mind the right format and write it straight inside the box in Data Edit. This option sets the start and end date for all your products, so if you have special products with another time-limitation use one of the two options explained above.

2.2. Fill in the amount of discount

After setting the start and end date either by choosing the before created columns or setting them manually just insert your desired discount.

Example: Columns for start and end date were used and discount of 50% is inserted


Example: Start and end date were entered manually and disount of 50% is inserted


2.3. Insert text and choose the mode

Insert your desired text and its position. Choose if you want to append, prepend or assign the text to the column. Please note: You can't enter both values (text and discount) at once. If you want to give a discount and point that out in your title you have to use the box twice: Once in price-column for the discount and once in title-column for the text. Mind to choose the same date settings in both columns.

3. Set Column by time

This box assesses if a time column is in the future or the past and will accordingly append, prepend or assign a column. To fill in the time format that is used in your feed please refer to these formats.


4. Set Timestamp

The Set Timestamp box is used to identify when the export was made. The column containing the Timestamp box shows the actual date and time according to the format you selected.

As long as the feed is on the productsup platform, the date will be the current. If you export it, the date and time will be "frozen".


When entering the format use the following letters: Y stands for year as a full numeric representation with 4 digits m stands for month as a numeric representation with or without leading zeros d stands for day as 2 digits with or without leading zeros H stands for hour in 24-hour format with or without leading zeros i stands for minutes with leading zeros s stands for seconds with leading zeros

5. Set Value by Datetime

You can compare a date value from your feed with the current date and assign a value based on the difference between both dates. Please keep in mind that the date from your feed needs to be in a valid php datetime format.

Figure 1. box

Date Format: Enter the format of the date in your feed Operator: Choose an operator based on the way you want to compare the feed date to the current date Set Days: Choose the difference between the feed date and the current date Set Value: Enter the value you want to assign if the above criteria match


You want to assign "Outdated" if the date in your feed is older than 20 days. Date in your feed: 01-02-2018

Date Format: d-m-YOperator: >=Set Days: -20Set Value: Outdated!

The setting can be read as: If todays date -20 days is bigger or equal than the date in the column, assign Outdated!

6. Convert to Timestamp

This box converts a date written in text into a timestamp.

Figure 2. strtotime


"+1 week 2 days 4 hours 2 seconds""next Thursday""last Monday"

More infos can be found here