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Import orders from Cdiscount

Import orders from Cdiscount in Productsup.


The Cdiscount data source allows you to import your orders from Cdiscount for syndicating your e-commerce, order management system (OMS), or warehouse management system (WMS).


  1. In the site, choose Data Sources from the main menu, then select ADD DATA SOURCE. Next, add Cdiscount Orders.

  2. The API Mode offers you three environments, prod, preprod, and sandbox. Select the environment from where you want to import orders.

  3. Enter your API Username.

  4. Enter the API Password.

  5. Select the Status. The status field offers 10 different settings:

    • AcceptedBySeller

    • AutomaticCancellation

    • CancelledByCustomer

    • PaymentInProgress

    • PaymentRefused

    • RefusedBySeller

    • RefusedNoShipment

    • ShipmentRefusedBySeller

    • Shipped

    • WaitingForSellerAcceptation

  6. You can optionally enter a custom description for the data source in Description (optional).