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April 2024 release notes

Check out what we released to the Productsup platform in April 2024.

At Productsup, we are continuously working to offer you the best P2C experience. See the updates and new features we released to the platform in April 2024.

Platform features and updates

Extract values from JSON bodies using JSONPath

We have released a new rule box that lets you work with attributes containing JSON bodies.

Extract with JSONPath scans the JSON structure using the provided query, identifies all matching data, and overwrites the value of the attribute with all matches of the JSONPath.


See Add the rule box Extract with JSONPath for more information.

Add multiple value options to create a segment in Data View

When creating a segment in Data View, you can now add multiple Or values to let the platform create a segment with all products containing one of the provided values.

You can add segments at any stage in Data View. Open the top-ribbon menu and go to the Add Filter section to add new value options to your segments.


See Use segments to apply rule boxes to specific product groups for more information.

Dataflow and Data View now remember your stage and export choice

The platform now remembers what channel you selected in Dataflow or Data View and lets you switch between sites, tabs, and features without losing the selection until you log out of the platform.

Additionally, we added the channel ID to the URL to make any issue reporting easier.

Dataflow export's URL

Activity Log is now available at the site level

Activity Log is now available not only at the account level for admins but also at the site level for all users. You can track all the changes, such as adding, editing, or deleting rule boxes or Dataflow connections made within a specific site. To access the Activity Log tab, go to Activity from your account's or site's main menu.

Activity Log from site level

See View your Activity Log and Summary for more information.

New data sources and export channels

Joor data source

Joor is the largest B2B e-commerce platform used by over 380,000 retailers and 14,000 brands to connect and grow sales around the world.


You can now use the Joor Product Import data source to import product data from Joor via API.